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Leaders generally understand that they're supposed to practice effective communication but that doesn't always mirror what they actually do.  The following tips will help you communicate more clearly and with fewer glitches..

1.  Be an active listener.  Take the time to really listen to your employees without interrupting, trying to fix something or declaring your opinion.

2.  Be brief.  Less is more in communication and nobody enjoys being talked at until their eyes glaze over.

3.  Be professional.  Keep the subject matter and your tone professional and schedule conversations when people are ready to participate calmly and respectfully.

4.  Curb your temper.  Nothing blocks communication and trust quicker than a boss getting mad.

5.  Don't take things personally.  In general, people aren't after you and aren't trying to hurt you.  Take their comments simply as their perspective.

6.  Practice excellent communication skills.  Interact well with everyone around you and set the example.

7.  Commit to excellent communication.  Provide opportunities for employees to practice their communication skills long-term.

Your communication style says a lot to the outside world about how you conduct business.  Think of these tips when you interact with people in the workplace and you'll enjoy communicating with fewer setbacks.

Take care,


Effective Communication and Leadership Training

Copyright © 2011, Guy Farmer: Unconventional Training

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Guy Farmer: Unconventional Training
Guy Farmer: Unconventional Training
Sparks, NV , United States
modalities: Life Coaching
specialties: Personal Growth, Relationship Issues, Women’s Health, Organization ... ALL
Unconventional Team Building & Effective Communication Training
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Price Range:
$400 - $500
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