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The following trends are, I believe are shaping the future of holistic healthcare-integrative medicine.

  1. The Internet
    Over the past five years, online technology has expanded the delivery of holistic healthcare, integrative and preventive medicine knowledge. Online educational courses in aromatherapy, massage, medical intuition, sound healing with tuning forks, yoga and other holistic healing methods are but a few of the examples of the impact the internet has on learning about a variety of holistic healthcare methods.
  2. The Economy
     Despite holistic healthcare's growing popularity, this industry is experiencing effects of the slowdown in economic growth, just like every other industry. Diversity is the key to expanding during the economic climate, by offering many different yet integrative healing modalities.
  3. The Environment
    Americas' awareness, and use of organic, natural and eco-friendly products is growing despite the economic downturn. A survey this spring by a national consumer research firm showed most U.S. households are living a green lifestyle despite the economy. Those lifestyle choices include such activities as using non-toxic cleaning products, reducing or eliminating the use of paper products, and holistic healthcare providers say this trend is carrying over into preventive medicine, taking care of yourself, by eating more organically, asking for organic products and seeking alternative healing methods over standard drug treatments, alternative healing methods that are supportive of building a strong immune system, decreasing or eliminating pain without the use of toxic medicines, and generally increasing vitality and strength of ones' self. A study for the Organic Trade Association showed organic food sales grew in 2008 by 15.8 percent. The Natural Products Association says the natural personal-care products industry is growing five times faster than the conventional personal care products sector.
  4. Networking 
    Social networking is spreading across the globe with knowledge about holistic healthcare and its benefits. Also the rise of holistic chambers of commerce, especially throughout the pacific Northwest, has networked holistic healthcare professionals together in supporting each other and in educating the public about the growing holistic healthcare industry. The networking process is gaining favor among the community as a way to spread knowledge of the various alternative-healing modalities available to the public.

So these are the 4 trends I see shaping the future of holistic healthcare what do you see?

Copyright © 2010, Dr. Charles Lightwalker, Ph.D,

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Dr. Charles Lightwalker, PhD: The Family Of Light Healing Centre
Dr. Charles Lightwalker, PhD: The Family Of Light Healing Centre
Spokane, WA , USA
modalities: Shamanism, Reiki, Schools Certification Programs, Spiritual Healing ... ALL
specialties: Chronic Pain, Exercise, Career Counseling, Business Development ... ALL
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