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 Bonny Lin:  Bonny Lin, Pearl Intuition 

Location and Contact Info:
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: 415.431.6222
Email: Click here to send an email
Website: www.BonnyLin.com

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All Per Practitioner Resources
Energy Healing
Energy Healing is the proper use of energy - which is any and all things in the Universe - to heal mind, body and spirit.
Psychic Healing
Professional psychic receives energy information that comes in the form of vision, sounds, feeling & knowing (and others) to guide client’s rational behaviors as well as energetic shifts, to achieve client’s desired outcome in all aspects of life & businesses.
Spiritual Healing
Medical Intuitive
Medical Intuitives are psychics/intuitive who focus their practices on medical issues, health and wellness aspects of client’s life.
Life Coaching
Life Coaching is working with a competent, compassionate & spiritual professional to step into the next, higher phase of you, your life and your business.
Medium Intuitive
"Mediumship" is one of the many psychic gifts, and a practical methodology in RECOGNIZING and then TRANSFORMING the energy field, be it a person, a building, a relationship, a business, a product, and any other "energy beings".

Recent per Practitioner Articles
The Top 3 Secrets to Think Your Way to Success and Abundance - It’s All in Your Head
by Bonny LinIntuitive, Medium, Spiritual Teacher: Bon
Thoughts are forms. Everything physical was at first non-physical. The only way that one physical matter differs from another is in the vibrational frequency. As you think different thoughts, your mind, body and emotions react according to these thoughts and cause you to either move toward or away from your success and abundance. To explain this better, here are the 3 top secrets you can use to think your way to success and abundance.
The 3 Reasons Energy Healing Works
by Bonny LinIntuitive, Medium, Spiritual Teacher: Bon
Our human consciousness has progressed to the point that many are aware that the essence of being human is to be a spiritual being, and therefore an energy form. Energy healing is really just a natural way to heal. There are 3 main reasons that energy healing works:
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The 3 Ways That Mindful Breathing Enhances Your Intuition
by Bonny LinIntuitive, Medium, Spiritual Teacher: Bon
Intuition is your inner wisdom as well as information that can come from being able to tune in to receive information from everything around you and the entire universe. Because of the wealth of information available to you from the entire universe, intuition can be a valuable tool as you navigate through your life and business. But in order for you to best tap into your own intuition, you’ll have to prepare to receive it fully. You can begin by doing mindful breathing which is the simple


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