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  A Total Holistic Healing Center run by a Professional Applied Kinesiologist    
 Dr. Carl Amodio, BA, DC:  Whole Body Health, Inc. 

Location and Contact Info:
Phone: (770) 993-4633
Fax: 770-993-4758
Email: Click here to send an email
Website: www.wholebodyhealth.org

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Insurance: No
Sliding Scale: Yes
Sliding Scale:
Credit Cards: Yes
Credit Cards:
Price Range: $75 - $150
Price Range:
$75 - $150
AppointmentLength: 10 mins - 30 mins
Appt. Length:
10 mins - 30 mins
 Whole Body Health is a total wholistic integrative healing center to include Chiropractic care, natural allergy desensitization, and customized nutritional balancing. Dr. Carl Amodio, BA, DC, is a Level 2 Quintessential Applications Applied Kinesiology practitioner. This allows for an ordered approach to the body based on 40 years of AK research and application, primarily through the work of Dr. Walter Schmitt, DC, DIBAK, DABCN, and Dr. Kerry McCord, DC, DIBAK. These Advanced Kinesiology procedures get to the bottom of the issues very quickly and allow the body to be on its way to total and complete healing; emphasizing causal correction and true whole body health. 
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All Per Practitioner Resources
by using the body’s energetic meridian systems, like acupuncture, acupressure introduces changes in the body based on energy flow.
Energy Kinesiology
Incorporating the body’s own inherent feedback mechanisms to allow energetic balance using muscle testing as an indicator.
Understanding the body’s inherent desire to stay balanced, by detecting and correcting the negative feedback loops in the body and turning them into positive feedback loops.
Chiropractic is the art, science, and philosophy of detecting and correcting any and all nervous system interference with manual therapies.
Craniosacral Therapy
Hands on therapy to address cranial and sacral fixations in the body which in turn affect the whole body and the ability to breathe in a relaxed and natural manner.
Energy Healing
Balancing the body energetically with sound and color therapy...
Applied Kinesiology
A natural system of assessing the body holistically and addressing the imbalances that present themselves. The body then is able to heal itself quickly and naturally.
Chelation Therapy
Being able to allow the body to release harmful substances (i.e. metal, chemicals, etc.) through natural chelation products.

Recent per Practitioner Tips
Partially Hydrogenated Fats
by Carl Amodio


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