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 Cynthia:  Natural Healing Energies Inc. 

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Insurance: No
Credit Cards: No
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Price Range: $60 - $125
Price Range:
$60 - $125
AppointmentLength: 60 mins - 2 hrs
Appt. Length:
60 mins - 2 hrs
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All Per Practitioner Resources
Absent Healing
In absent healing the healer sends healing energy long distance anywhere to where it is required.
Energy Healing
We are all surrounded by fields of energy and energy healing works on these fields to facilitate our own abilities to heal ourselves. The healer works with the energies along with the person requesting assistance who actually moderates the healing session. Therefore, there are three energies working together for the healing.
Spiritual Healing
Spiritual Healing encompasses healing on every level of the body and auric field, which includes the spiritual, mental, emotional, as well as the physical. It delves into the root of the situation and relieves it quickly and effectively. The person seeking help becomes an active participant in their own healing process.
Psychic Surgery
When there is an obstruction in the body or in the surrounding aura, psychic surgery allows for that obstruction to be removed. Then the flow of Life Force can continue unobstructed to promote health on all levels, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.


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