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 Dr. Charles Lightwalker, PhD:  The Family Of Light Healing Centre 

Location and Contact Info:
Phone: 509-389-7290
Email: Click here to send an email
Website: www.thefamilyoflight.net

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 An international mobile centre
offering apprenticeships, healings,reiki,channeling, color and sound therapy,massage, medical intuition,meditation,shamanic teaching,spiritual healing kinesology,vibrational yoga and more.
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All Per Practitioner Resources
Absent Healing
Using the universal principle that time and space does not mater for healing to occur.
Energy Kinesiology
Using this powerful method to determine illness and disease in the clients body.
Guided Imagery
Using guided imagery to give power to the client to heal themselves with this method of healing.
Hatha Yoga
Allows one to relax into the state of release and connection with the divine energy of all.
Music Sound Therapy
Using the vibration of music to create the healing process necessary for release of all negative emotions, physical pain and stress.
The use of universal energy to heal the body, mind and spirit
Metis Shamanism covers the whole of all known religious and belief system of the world, and teaches one to be in contact with the divine.
Spiritual Healing
Using the universal energy for healing the body, mind and soul.
Swedish Massage
A full body sensory release into the relaxed state of calmness.
Products (Healing)
Schools Certification Programs
Using dynamic energy in the process of releasing pain, and bringing wellness.

Recent per Practitioner Articles
Attention Deficit Disorder is an Energy Disorder
by Dr. Charles LightwalkerPh.D, C.S.H. Reiki Master:
We are living in a time of dramatic evolution in consciousness and our children, in their raw form, may be much more highly evolved than we are. By seeing them from the different perspective of their unique possibilities, and not enclosing them in an archaic framework of psychological definitions and limitations, we let them carve out their individual path of learning. By admitting that we do not understand it, they will assist us in our growth process by teaching us what they need to know.
11 Steps to Healthy Living
by Dr. Charles LightwalkerPh.D, C.S.H. Reiki Master:
11 simple steps to healthy living.
4 trends Shaping the Holistic Healthcare Industry
by Dr. Charles LightwalkerPh.D, C.S.H. Reiki Master:
The following trends are, I believe are shaping the future of holistic healthcare-integrative medicine, the Internet, the economy. the environment and networking.


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