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  Spiritual Relationship Expert Helping Men and Women Heal Through Love    
 Dr. Erica Goodstone, PhD, LMHC, CRS, LMT:  Dr. Erica Goodstone 

Location and Contact Info:
Phone: (954) 649-5228
Website: www.DrEricaWellness.com

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Insurance: Yes
Credit Cards: Yes
Credit Cards:
Price Range: $150 - $300
Price Range:
$150 - $300
AppointmentLength: 60 mins - 90 mins
Appt. Length:
60 mins - 90 mins
 I work with individuals, couples, heterosexual and gay, to heal their bodies, their relationships and their lives through love. 
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All Per Practitioner Resources
Body-Oriented Psychotherapies
Body Psychotherapy focuses on the body as a means to access thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, trauma, spiritual connection, lower self and higher self in the process of unravelling the complex issues disturbing one’s peace of mind and ability to let go and be free. Through body psychotherapy, we become aware of the subtle messages received by ourbody and the many postural overtones that affect our attitudes, emotional reactions and responses received from others. As we allow our bodies to let go of familiar and habitual tension patterns, we temporarily enter a state called "The Fertile Void" by Fritz Perls, creator of Gestalt Therapy. From this place of uncharted territory, unfamiliarity, confusion, not knowing, and even a sense of anxiety, we can allow new sensations, new thoughts, and a new overall perspective to offer us insight and a more proactive approach to handling situations, people and emotions in our life.
Energy Healing
Energy circulates throughout the universe and within our own bodies. Whether we consciously feel it or not, we react physiologically and emotionally to the energy in the fields surrounding us. We respond to the energetic fields emanating from people in our environment. People also respond to the energy that we send forth. When we experience upsetting and confusing mental and emotional states, we emit energy that is not clear and direct. As we become conscious of our thoughts, sensations, emotions and reactions to others, our energetic fields actually change vibrational levels. The world seems to respond to us at the same vibrational level that we emit. Energy healing helps us to live at a higher, more clarified, level of energetic vibration.
Guided Imagery
Through Guided Imagery, all things are possible. Our mind is free to imagine an ideal world, one in which we live and work and spend our leisure time in whatever type of environment pleases us most. We get to enjoy the attention and love of whoever meets our fancy. We become larger than life and fulfill every nuance of desire. And the amazing part of this is that, after awhile, the effects of our imaginary world begin to appear in our "real", everyday world as new people, opportunities and experiences. Anything and everything is possible when we allow our creative imagination to flow freely. Everything that has ever been created, including this very world, has begun as an idea, a thought, a vision, or a dream.
Psychotherapy is a unique opportunity to share your self (your deepest concerns, your fears and insecurities, your expectations, disappointments and accomplishments) with a dedicated listener whose only concern is to help you understand yourself better and attain what you desire in your life.

Psychotherapy can take place in only a few sessions or you can choose to continue for months or even years, gradually sorting out and aligning the components and aspects of your world to help you attain peace of mind, a satisfying lifestyle, love, and contentment.
Four Year Colleges-Universities
Somatic Experiencing
Somatic Education brings awareness to our body and the continual flow of physiological, sensual and emotional responses. When we pay attention to the body’s sometimes very subtle responses to our life situations, we begin to recognize our true feelings, needs and desires - in the moment - when we are most likely to be able to do something about it. We begin to live life more authentically, maintaining a sense that our thoughts, emotions and actions are congruent. From this space of mind/body/spirit connection, creativity surges, love flows, and dreams often come to fruition as if by magic.
Myofascial Release
Satisfying, close relationships help to extend our lives and bring us joy and happiness. However, relationships filled with hostile, demeaning, and disrespectful communication can have the opposite effect, causing a great deal of emotional and even physical pain.

The goal of marriage and family therapy is to transform such confusing, difficult and unhappy relationships into supportive, loving and understanding partnerships. As each person makes a slight shift in their perspective, attitude and behavior, huge changes occur in the way they feel about themselves and treat each other.
The goal is to once again feel those beautiful loving feelings that brought you together and help you to share and fufill your dreams together.
Rubenfeld Synergy
Rubenfeld Synergy is a unique method which combines talk therapy (utilizing Gestalt Therapy, Eriksonian Hypnosis and other methods)with gentle touch therapy and subtle movements (derived from Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement), As your body relaxes and lets go of its habitual tension patterns, your mind’s rambling free associations and jumbled thought processes begin to slow down. As you focus inward, allow your breathing to relax and notice the subtle changes in your body, new and sometimes surprising insights emerge from deep within your consciousness. Sometimes, you have an instant "Aha" moment that can literally change your life forever.

Recent per Practitioner Articles
Chaga, Wildcrafted from Siberia, May Be The "Mushroom of Immortality"
by Dr. Erica GoodstonePh.D., LMHC, LMT, CRS: Dr. Eric


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