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  Mielle Vietor, a healer for 39 years, is the founder of Clear Light Healing    
 Founder Mielle Vietor:  Clear Light Healing 

Location and Contact Info:
Phone: (310) 819-5074
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Insurance: No
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Price Range: $60 - $200
Price Range:
$60 - $200
AppointmentLength: 20 mins - 60 mins
Appt. Length:
20 mins - 60 mins
 Welcome to Clear Light Healing. If you are reading this, you have already done lots of work on yourself and are ready to take the next step in your healing process! Through Clear Light Healing, you can release negative thoughts and emotions, and increase the quality of your Light and your life. You can enjoy a pain free, joy filled existence once your physical, emotional, and mental systems are cleared of old patterns. Clear Light Healings will introduce you to new thoughts and feelings that will accelerate your spiritual growth and bring more love, health, and prosperity into your life.

A Clear Light healing addresses and satisfies the unresolved needs of your body, mind and spirit. During your healing, a flood of spiritualizing life force is released into your body. This transformational energy dissolves interior emotional and mental barriers that have built up due to stress or trauma. It releases negative patterns from your system that are blocking the flow of your personal life force or chi.

In addition to pain relief and re-energizing and balancing your system, I am able to intuit information regarding your emotional nature, interpersonal relationships, and life situations. This objective perspective, along with appropriate, curative affirmations, will give you the tools to participate in transforming yourself and your life.

You will feel a deep sense of peacefulness and calm during and after the healing. Longer ranging effects will unfold over the following few days, bringing an increase in mental clarity, emotional stability and physical strength.

I have a private practice in Santa Barbara where I also give seminars and workshops. Whether you need to be healed or you need to heal others, Clear Light offers a complete program for transformation and self-discovery.
Check out my website at www.clearlighthealing.com for more info on all of the available services. Life is an adventure, take a chance!

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