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 Kristen Rubis, BA, RYT, CD, LMP:  Sacred Transitions 

Location and Contact Info:
Tumwater, WA 98506
Phone: 360-534-4716
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All Per Practitioner Resources
Deep Tissue
Deep tissue is used primarily to encourage optimum function of the body’s connective tissue and/or muscles that may have become adhered or hypertonic. The approach is non-invasive, yet deeply focused. It’s important to use sensitivity and compassion to invite the body to release into the deeper layers of the body’s tissues and muscles. By working with the muscle fibers rather than against them, deep tissue massage can have a profound effect on the body’s own healing process.
Hatha Yoga
Yoga invites you to create a union with your body and breath that brings peace and contentment to your mind and spirit. Yoga is an art form, with the asanas and the chakras as its creative expressions. It is a discipline and practice involving techniques which influence physical health, mental well-being and spiritual awareness. Yoga enhances circulatory and respiratory function, improved body awareness, development of coordination and increased flexibility.
Meditation is a technique to bring harmony and balance to the whole body, mind and spirit. By connecting to the breath and the present moment the entire system is relaxed and renewed.
Reflexology restores the flow of energy (chi) in the meridian system of the body, restoring the bodies own healing powers to their natural state. There are reflex areas and meridians in the feet that correspond to all of our glands, organs and all parts of the body. Using specific pressure points, mainly on the feet, by applying firm pressure to release blockages and stagnation in the body, inviting the body towards homeostasis. This improves circulation, eases pain, increases relaxation and restores energy flow through the entire system. Pressure is applied with fingers as well as tuning forks.
Reiki is an ancient healing art of light hand placements that channels healing energies to the client. Reiki is gentle and soothing for the entire body, mind and spirit fostering a sense of groundedness and universal peace. Reiki can be used to enhance greater wellness throughout the entire system when incorporated with massage or acutonics sessions. Reiki can be done while the client is fully clothed, with the laying of hands over the chakra points and major organs. Reiki acts as a channel for universal life energy to flow into the body.
Shiatsu is a living tradition of Japanese folk medicine based on the ancient Oriental principles of chi energy and Yin/Yang balance. Literally translated, Shiatsu means “finger pressure.” It is the most widely known form of acupressure that also combines rhythmic stretching along energy channels to stimulate chi or vital energy.
Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is perfect for maintaining and improving overall health and wellness. Swedish strokes smooth away tension, improve circulation, soothe aching muscles, and relieve physical and emotional stress.
Pregnancy Massage
While honoring the mother-to-be, this specialized massage helps develop sensory awareness and relaxation necessary for the birth experience and this sacred time. Pregnancy massage can alleviate stress on weight bearing joints and increase blood and lymph flow, reducing edema. The intent is to create sacred space and bring balance, comfort and total relaxation to the body, mind and spirit for all stages of pregnancy. Each session is individualized to address the needs of the expectant mother in the present moment, emphasizing the connection between mother and baby. The use of special pillows and bolsters provide maximum comfort and release. When a womyn’s maternity experience is enhanced with compassion and nurturance their babies’ births are enhanced as well.
Labor Doula
The word “doula” comes from ancient Greek and is now used to refer to a womyn who serves other womyn. It is applied to childbirth to refer to “a woman experienced in childbirth who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to the mother before, during and after childbirth” (“Mothering the Mother”). A birth doula offers incessant, uninterrupted presence during your labor. She has knowledge of comfort measures and helps to advocate for you to acquire your wishes and goals.

A labor doula also facilitate communication between you, your partner or family member, and any clinical care providers. Having a birth doula present during your birth may decrease your length of labor, reduce need for medications/interventions and increase time spent with your baby. “The acceptance of doulas in maternity care is growing rapidly with the recognition of their important contribution to the improved physical outcomes and emotional well-being of mothers and infants”
Flow Yoga
Flow Yoga focuses on opening your heart to the present moment as you connect with your breath and spirit. It increases strength and flexibility in the body and mind. Flow Yoga classes incorporate meditation, pranayama, brain-based movement patterns, deep asana stretches, sun salutations, inversions and ends with a relaxing Savasana. Flow yoga is an opportunity to find more self awareness through movement and breath no matter what your holistic goals are. By flowing through the postures the breath invites greater body-mind connection, bringing your spirit in harmony with the movement of your body. Reunite your whole body-mind with your own unique flow!
Sound Therapy
Sound has the potential to release old wounds, ignite our spirit and re-unite us with our inner Divine truth. Throughout time and within many cultures, music and sound have been at the heart of healing. “The Acutonics Healing System is an energy-based non-invasive treatment that is similar to acupuncture and acupressure in that it accesses the body’s Meridian and Chakra energy systems. The tuning forks represent the harmonics based on our cosmos” (D. Carey). Their powerful resonance and vibration is used to connect with the body’s natural frequencies, encouraging balance and promoting inner harmony in your entire being. The tuning forks offer a holistic affect by reconnecting you with your inner source of tranquility and wellness. Sound therapy consists of singing bowls, tingshas, bells, tuning forks, crystal bowls and gongs. “Sound calls our souls into the proper dimension and we begin to vibrate at the rate of our Soul Frequency” (Ancient Ren Teaching).

Prenatal Yoga
This class is specialized for the expecting mother. It creates an opportunity to bring more flexibility, strength and relaxation to your body, mind and spirit. Carefully selected poses are safely modified for each trimester of pregnancy. Prenatal yoga supports you in preparing your body, mind and spirit for the challenges of labor and delivery. It also provides a loving and respectful environment for womyn to connect, be heard and listened to and an opportunity to network and create relationships.


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