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 Ms. Jan Fiore, CAT, CMT:  Journey Holistic Health 

Location and Contact Info:
Davis, CA 95618
Phone: 530-758-4556

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All Per Practitioner Resources
Acu-YogaŽ combines the wisdom of acupressure and yoga by fine-tuning yoga postures to most effectively stimulate and balance key acupressure points.
Acupressure uses finger pressure (instead of needles) to influence and balance the energy that flows through the points on the meridians. Traditional Chinese Medicine maintains that when this flow is blocked, illness results, so keeping the meridians open and flowing supports the overall health of the body as well as the organs associated with each meridian.
The word Ayurveda translates as the "science of life or longevity." Ayurveda is an ancient healing system that maintains that our bodies and everything around us, as well as disease process, can be described in terms of the elements. When these elements are brought into balance through lifestyle, food choices,appropriate activities, herbs and other medicinals, health is the result.
Guided Imagery
Guided imagery, or guided visualization can be helpful in receiving information from the body and subconscious. It also enhances the body/mind connection to support optimal functioning of the body’s healing systems, and can be an important tool for stress management.
Reiki is a subtle-energy technique to bring vital life force energy into the body (for oneself or given to others). It is said that the Reiki energy knows where it needs to go and works at the "blueprint" level. It’s an excellent supporting therapy to standard medical treatment, and can be done at a distance. It is exceptionally gentle and relaxing. Practitioners are attuned to the Reiki symbols by a Reiki Master.
Viniyoga is a gentle form of yoga, often utilizing props such as blocks, bolsters and blankets for support in yoga postures (asanas). Emphasis is on moving with the breathe in and out of the poses, to reduce stress, relieve muscular tension, and to calm the mind.


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