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 Patricia Creighton:  Sole Comfort Touch Therapy 

Location and Contact Info:
Halifax, Nova Scotia, NS B3K 3M2
Phone: 902-455-5985

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All Per Practitioner Resources
Absent Healing
Energywork from the distance.
Energy Healing

We know through science that energy creates matter.  We can think of the human energy field (ENERGY) as an "atmosphere" similar to the earth’s atmosphere, which surrounds, forms and informs the physical body (MATTER).  We also know that what happens to the earth’s environment impacts on its atmosphere, for example the Greenhouse Effect.  And so it is with humans, our internal and external environments influence our overall health.

 As an ‘Energy-work’ practitioner, I work with the person’s own energy field and the chakra multi-level energy system to help restore a healthy balance to all energetic levels - physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  I use a variety of methods to accomplish this, including Reiki and emotional freedom techniques.
Guided Imagery
Guided imagery and visualization can give the client new tools for control of their own mind energy and consequently, new tools for healing on all levels.
The use of select herbs for benefit of the physical body.
Music Sound Therapy
Either through the use of through composed music such as Mozart, or through the use of specific frequencies that are sung to the client, this form of vibrational medicine can have profoundly positive outcomes to the human energyfield and chakra system.
Neuro Linguistic Programming
Reflexology is a form of acupressure applied to the feet, where there are approximately 7,000 nerve responses linked to the rest of the body.
A form of energywork originating in Japan.
Psychic Surgery
Psychic surgery involves the energetic removal of any type of blockage from the human energy field and chakra system, promoting resolution and healing on all levels.


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