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 Rena Levin:  Sole-utions 

Location and Contact Info:
Baltimore, MD 21215
Phone: 410-913-4057

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All Per Practitioner Resources
Energy Kinesiology
Using muscle testing to "read" the body’s "computer", one can then "reprogram", deleting and debugging programs so that the body/mind works more efficiently, eliminating energy blocks so that the client can meet their goals in all spheres of life, as desired by the client.
Essential oils are the "blood" of a plant, providing nutrients to the plant for optimal functioning. By using these oils, either by ingesting, inhaling, diffusing, or applying to the body, the energetic vibrational frequency is raised, creating space and support for the body/mind to heal, attracting more positive energy to the person or environment, and allowing for optimal functioning!
Acupuncture without needles, using deep finger pressure (acupressure) to the ends of the acupuncture energy channels, manipulating and stimulating these areas (ears, hands, feet) to detox, destress, tone, balance and energize every organ and every system in the body. Very relaxing stress release so that the body can heal itself!
Essential Oils
Aromatherapy/essential oils are used to raise the healing vibration, supporting the body to promote healing.
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
The body’s energy field can become clogged up. Emotrance is a way to move the energy through, permitting for more free flow throughout the energy body. Once energy is moving, blockages in all spheres of life can be resolved, as desired, leaving one feeling "lighter" and more joyful. Elegant and profound in its simplicity!
Aromatherapy Products
Essential oils used in aromatherapy help to balance the body’s energy system by raising the vibrational energy of the body/environment.


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