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How it Works

Online Wellness Network addresses 4 challenges:

  1. Navigating the world of health, wellness and preventative health can often be overwhelming and cumbersome
  2. Determining the accuracy of health and wellness information you find on the web and understanding how it may apply to you is difficult
  3. Determining the knowledge and capability of the health-care provider can be costly in terms of time and money
  4. Determining whether sponsors, who have paid for positioning and content control, bias information presented in various forms of media is complex and tough.

Online Wellness Network features a holistic health and wellness provider directory that is easy to search and with results that are tailored to where you live or your specific location anywhere in the world. Online Wellness Network also features an extensive database of articles and information about holistic health and wellness as well as "stories of hope" from people who have used holistic health approaches effectively.

The key to Online Wellness Network is our rating system. When a provider posts a profile or submits an article, wellness seekers can rate their service or the information provided in terms of effectiveness, usefulness and accuracy. The greater number of positive ratings means the higher the visibility of the profile or article. Good old-fashion word-of-mouth and built-in merit based incentive for providers.

At Online Wellness Network you are receiving free information that is tailored for you and that has genuinely helped others. Plus you can track your progress and receive wellness tips, guidance and bits of inspiration daily.

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