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If you would like to suggest a link to Online Wellness Network
you may do so with the form below.

If you are a provider of healing services, a practitioners, an educator, a coach, a wellness center, spa or resort or other wellness services (cook, referral service, grocery stores, etc.) you may add a listing to our directory by clicking here

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Reciprocal Links Add/Edit Help File

Here is a form to suggest reciprocal link to Online Wellness Network.  Below is a description of each field:

Site Name
This is the name of the website that you are suggesting.
Site URL
This is the home page URL of the website that you are suggesting.
Link Page
This is the page that will contain the reciprocal link back to Online Wellness Network from your website.  It will be scanned periodically to verify the link.  If this is not your website that you may add a reciprocal link you may leave this blank.  We will research it when we get a chance.
Link Group
Select a group (or page) for this link.
This is a description of the site that you are suggesting as it will appear on Online Wellness Network.   We may modify it before activating the link.
Anchor Title
This is the text for the link that will be clicked to bring people to the website that you are suggesting.  Default will be the site name if this is left blank.
Email Contact
This is your email address.  You will automatically be added to our newsletter emailing list that you may opt out of at any time
Contact Name
This is your name.
Why Benefit
This is a paragraph that explains why the site you are suggesting is a good match to be added to the list of Online Wellness Networks links.

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