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The Wellness Matrix

The Wellness MatrixTM is a method of categorizing and grouping modalities of healing. Using five aspects of being: mind, emotions, body, spirit & environment, the Wellness MatrixTM provides a method for grouping healing modalities in a nonlinear fashion. Here's how it works...

The mind and body are linked through emotions. The mind and environment are ultimately linked through spirit. The spirit and the body can be linked through the environment. This provides a cyclic wheel from which the Wellness MatrixTM is created.

The Wellness Matrix

Healing modalities that work on the body, mind, spirit, emotions, or environment exclusively are grouped at the vertices of the matrix. Healing modalities that heal two of the aspects of being are grouped in the areas marked 5 through 10. For example, a modality that addresses mind and body will be grouped in area 6 of the matrix. Furthermore, modalities that heal three of the aspects of being will be grouped in the areas marked, 11 through 15. Modalities that combine four aspects will be grouped in 16 through 20. Finally, modalities that combine all aspects of healing will be grouped in the center.

Modalities that are in a group may appear anywhere within that group depending on the amount of each aspect it can heal. For example, a modality in group six can heal body and emotions. If it heals more body than emotions, it will appear in the group closer to group one, body.

Modalities are grouped by the wellness providers who are listed. Each wellness provider ranks their modality on the five aspects of being. Those rankings, combined with the cumulative rankings of all the wellness providers nationwide will determine the placement of the modality on the Wellness MatrixTM. The Wellness MatrixTM will be officially launched when enough data on the various modalities have been accumulated.

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