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Stories of Hope

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Debra’s work is amazing! The muscle testing is so efficient at getting to limiting beliefs that could take years of regular therapy to uncover. The issue that I was dealing with was always looking outside myself for approval and acceptance. This put me in a constant cycle of finding people or things that would give me that approval and “hooking” or “addicting” me to that person or thing. Then I would become attached and have anxiety about it going away.

This last time was pretty severe. I decided I can't do that again and called Debra for an Inner Clarity session. We focused on the goal, “I am centered and complete in myself.” The work she does uncovered one limiting belief after another. The deepest one was, “I want to fit in.” This belief stemmed from my perspective of my father who is the ultimate “fitter inner.”

It is easy to see how wanting to fit in easily leads to looking outside of oneself for approval. Knowing this belief is the core of my issue I can start to move past it with help from the exercises the Inner Clarity work provided. It is now more acceptable for me to be myself. I may fit in with others or I may not. Both can be acceptable.

Copyright © 2010, Jay L.

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Dr. Debra Greene, PhD: Inner Clarity (IC)
Dr. Debra Greene, PhD: Inner Clarity (IC)
Maui, HI , United States
modalities: Life Coaching, Energy Kinesiology, Integrated Energy Therapy, Kinesiology ... ALL
specialties: Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Divorce & Recovery ... ALL
The Most Amount of Change in the Least Amount of Time
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Price Range:
$150 - $300
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