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Stories of Hope

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I was an intern in South India qualifying as a PsyD specializing in treatments for incurable illnesses aware of mind as the starting point of ailments; the hospitals I was qualifying in were end of the line for many people who had come to be treated. Having been abandoned and left for dead at some of the top hospitals in the world specializing in treatment for their particular aliments.

These abandoned had traveled to the ends of earth hoping to extend their life for loved ones and themselves.

As clinicians we were known as those who could cure them but not by conventional medicine. We had to reach into our hats pulling out a rabbit when we did not know if a rabbit would appear? Pressure on us was enormous. We spent our days in prayer and meditation, fasting and introspection to maintain a state of mind necessary. Pinning the universe for abilities to bring people back from death. This was not conventional treatment where you pull a switch or prescribe pills. We had to wing it with new techniques-methods, technology and cutting edge treatments.

Traveling from India via Paris having spent months of study in internship I saw these patients. Some of them children with shaved and bald heads yet still alive-recovered.Then there were those who were not so fortunate.My eyes could not store the water for the tears I shed on their passing.Confused,bewildered and powerless to understand why they hadn't survived?

A patient from Germany came to be treated due to a rare aggressive form of epilepsy that was eroding his brain when he experienced seizures. Medication damaged his brain rendering him unable to cognize. A vegetable needing constant observation and care.His family consulted with me.I proceeded to intercede  to circumvent his progressive dementia. Working with him for 2 months he no longer needed medication.Grand mal and petit seizures ceased. He became clear in his thinking. We planned to integrate him into university and normal living free of seizures.Then the worst happened. An outsider with no experience in psychology or medicine talked him into treatment by a hands on healer. His condition declined.

One of my mentors who was a pioneer in energy healing sciences told me about a situation he was having while I was being trained by him. A man having incurable disease recovered, showing no medical signs of being effected by former terminal conditions. We had isolated this man from outsiders during treatment as he was frail. His family found his location and began to verbally degrade treatment used to treat him.His condition reversed.He died the next week. I was too stunned to cry.

Many clinicians are happy to discuss how they brought people back from the dead yet not enthusiastic about discussing WHY others died.WHY is more important then those who made it back alive. It is the WHY which needs understanding so that more can be brought back and not pay the boatman.

In the spiritual books of the world belief is an important concept. Believing (state of being then living from that) is the impetus behind miracles.Interferons are observed  and produced in a psychological state of hope and certainty.The violet-indigo light wave length spectrum is essential in this flow and production of interferons. Paramount is an empty state of cooperation of the clinician utilized to bring recovery.Cooperation is a scientific intuitive certainty and understanding of the cause behind disease.Effects the energy centers and meridians throughout the human organism.Effected disrupts-creates chemistry resulting in disease.

Alkaline declines and acidic dominates rendering  conduction of electrical current in the physical body to diminish. Chakras begin to spin in reverse and endocrine produce messages transmitted throughout that are destructive. In time a crisis will lead to potential fatality unless rigorous response is initiated to correct the spin.

Simplistically this addresses cognition within healer and patient. Simplicity is profound and effective when understood from biological and molecular levels.

Genes as forecasters, family histories,environments and lifestyles are important when considering potential for future ailments. Yet indicators fall so short of the main issue.

The here and the now utilized very strongly can bring our loved ones back.

Copyright © 2011, Kevin Wilson

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