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Stories of Hope

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I was at a dance convention.  My left hamstring was getting very tight.  This condition had started long before the convention, but it was getting to a point at the convention that it was preventing me from fully enjoying myself.

I was walking past the convention vendors out in the entry way to the dance hall when I noticed a massage therapist.  "Massage, eh?" I thought to myself.  I felt a little skeptical.  I mean the hamstring is a huge muscle and it was almost entirely sore.  Just having someone knead it would probably help a little, but it wasn't going to fix it.  Beside I know that usually the tight muscle is a symptom and not the source of the block.  I didn't think I wanted to waste my money.

She had a low price for 15 minutes.  I pondered it for a while and then decided for the low price I would not be wasting too much.  I signed up 15 minutes.

I told the therapist (Pamela Wansek) my issue.  She seemed to give it a lot of thought on how to help me in such a short amount of time.  She started me on my stomach and placed her hands on a couple of locations and did not move them much.  No kneading!  I could feel the muscle relax.  She did that a few more times and have me roll over on my back.  She slid her hands under my back in a few spots and did the same thing as she did with my legs.  No kneading!  After a while I could feel the hamstring muscle almost totally relax.  I could tell that the source of the blockage was in my lower back.  Once she worked through that the whole hamstring muscle relaxed.  In less than 15 minutes!

It was not massage that she was doing, but some kind of energy work as well.  It didn't help it 100%, but considerably enough that I was enjoying myself much, much more.  The next day it even felt better and stayed that way most of the week.  Slowly the tightness in my lower back started to come back.  I can tell how the way I sit aggravates it.  I've learned a little more about myself.

Copyright © 2011, Jay L.

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Pamela Wansek: Body Wisdom Massage Therapy
Pamela Wansek: Body Wisdom Massage Therapy
Walnut Creek, CA , United States
modalities: Massage (General), Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT) ... ALL
Body Wisdom
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Insurance: No
Credit Cards: No
Credit Cards:
Price Range: $50 - $150
Price Range:
$50 - $150
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