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Many people make leadership more complex than it has to be or more self-important than it actually is. When you practice effective leadership you don’t have to make things difficult or make people dependent so you can swoop in and save the day, your efforts go toward making things easier for everyone. Here are ten tips to help you fine tune your leadership skills and create a positive workplace.

1. Leadership isn’t about you, give your employees plenty of credit.
2. Praise your employees regularly and genuinely.
3. Workplaces aren’t a competition, collaboration can help you get more done.
4. Work out your personal problems yourself, not on your employees.
5. Give up the need for power and control and help others grow.
6. Delegate often and generously.
7. Trust your employees.
8. Don’t be tempted to micromanage.
9. Give people opportunities to grow.
10. Be kind.

If you already practice these ten things then you know what kind of workplace it creates. The key to inspiring leadership is to move away from making it difficult to actually making it easier for everyone involved. When you facilitate success instead of force it you’ll get a lot more done with less effort. What’s your practical leadership tip?

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Guy Farmer: Unconventional Training
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