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The term "Anti-Oxidant" has become a household buzz-word. But how do you determine how effective the product is that you are using is? Here is a little perspective. Your body produces 4 endogenous antioxidants. They are the most important antioxidants known. Of these Glutathione is the most important. When an antioxidant supplement works it typically produces results by increasing 1 of these 4 endogenous antioxidants.

So how do you see through all the massive amount of marketing-hype on which supplement is best for your body?

Firstly, do not accept testimonials exclusively as a measurement of product effectiveness. Sometimes, more dramatic changes in health can be realized by simply drinking good quality water, than by using certain products.

Secondly, do not accept "scientific proof" that focuses on raw ingredients of a product instead of the product itself. Raw ingredients are very sensitive to processing. The finished product may have nothing to do with the research provided.

Thirdly look for products that have studies showing that the product works in humans using a double blind study.

Here is an example: Protandim shows that it can increase two of your body’s antioxidants: SOD by 30% and Catalase by 54% in 120 days and decrease a measurement of aging by 40%. Pretty incredible! http://www.protandim.com/pdf/ProtandimFRBMpaperJan152006.pdf

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Mrs Roz Goodman, LMT, CZB, CH: StarGate Sanctuary
Mrs Roz Goodman, LMT, CZB, CH: StarGate Sanctuary
Eureka Springs, AR , United States
modalities: Zero Balancing, Myofascial Release, Reiki, Deep Tissue ... ALL
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