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Chocolate Milk Can Be a Healthy Drink - Try It Homemade!Smaller Font  Larger Font

Chocolate milk is a favorite among children and adults alike, but unfortunately pre-mixed commercial brands may contain high fructose corn syrup, excess sugar, preservatives, and artificial flavors. It can be a very healthy drink if made at home with just a few ingredients in the blender: organic milk and organic cocoa powder, and maybe with a little organic sugar or local honey for sweetener, and cinnamon- its optional, but does have many health benefits, including regulation of blood sugar.

The high carb and protein content in the milk make it a really effective workout recovery drink, and it also packs a nutritional bonus of calcium with a little sodium and sugar these help recovering athletes (and active children) retain water and regain energy.

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Ms. Denise Violetta: Kaizen Wellness
Ms. Denise Violetta: Kaizen Wellness
Las Vegas, NV , United States
modalities: Life Coaching
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