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Stand or sit in relaxed alignment with head up, chin in, tailbone tucked under slightly. Imagine a string gently lifting from the top of the head and you feet pressing into the earth. Hands are at your side, shoulders are relaxed.

Relax your mind down into your center, following your breath for a minute or two until you feel relaxed. Let go of all thoughts for the moment, this is time for you.

Use whatever breathing strategy that works for you, there is no right or wrong way to do this, but keep breathing, don’t hold your breath.

Lift the arms up to shoulder height as if you are holding a big ball. (Gather the energy/love);

Open the arms out to the sides, opening the chest (Open the heart);

Bring arms back to holding the big ball (Hug your friends);
Bring the palms of the hands into the face (Bring the love in);
Turn the hands out and push away from the face (Share it with the world);
Let hands sink down to the sides and repeat.

You can repeat this as many times as you like and at whatever speed you like. Doing it slow will relax you and doing it faster will energize you.

Always do it with the intention of peace and sharing peaceful energy with the world.

Pass this on to all that you know, You will be surprised with the results!

Copyright © , Marsha Carr

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Marsha Carr: Tai Chi For Every Body
Marsha Carr: Tai Chi For Every Body
Newmarket, NH , United States
modalities: T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Qi Gong
specialties: Strength Training
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Disclaimer: Health tips are offered by the wellness provider listed above.  They are not nessesarily of the opinion of Online Wellness Network.   Online Wellness Network recommends you thoughoughly research each tip before putting it into use.

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